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Man, was I worried when I ended up on a different island. It was a good thing I found out about the egg. It all turned out for good, and I ended up home. But don't misunderstand, it was no easy task. But, I liked this mission the most.

This page has the most links. It has 9 maps, one of each castle and an overview of the entire world. Sorry, but it's just a map and doesn't tell you what is what. It also has the 8 bosses. Each with a picture of the boss and the instrument you get, plus how to kill the guy. The 8th boss is the only one I don't have a picture of the boss or any instrument.

Then, there is a walkthrough telling you everything you could possibly want to know about the game. Also , I have added a link to tell you how to get to the secret dungeon in DX and how to get all the pictures for the camera shop, just go to the link Zelda DX Walkthrough. There is also links that tell you where each heart piece is and where each seashell is. These are labeled "Heart Locations" and "Seashell Locations". There is the storyline told from my uncle, again.

There is also the game genie codes for the game, and there are screenshots of Link during this adventure. Now there is also a "trade" page. What's this, you ask?? It shows you what item you trade, where it is, and how to get it. Quite helpful, I'm sure it'll save some time.

Can't find the answer here?? Email me and ask for help.

Boss 1
Boss 2
Boss 3
Boss 4
Boss 5
Boss 6
Boss 7
Boss 8
Overview Map
Map 1, Tail Cave
Map 2, Bottle Grotto
Map 3, Key Cavern
Map 4, Angler's Cave
Map 5, Catfish's Maw
Map 6, Face Shrine
Map 7, Eagle's Tower
Map 8, Turtle Rock
Heart Locations
Zelda DX Walkthrough
Seashell Locations
Game Genie Codes