Zelda DX Help

Well, this little walkthrough tells you how to get in the secret dungeon, with a walkthrough of the dungeon. Also, it tells you where ALL the pictures for the Camera shop are. ENJOY!


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WRITTEN BY: Link Of Hyrule

First of all, the benefits of having Link's Awakening: DX instead of the original is:
1. It is all color, almost looks like you're playing the SNES game on a small screen.
2. Instead of just using some stone to get hints in the dungeon, it has a bird missing a beak.
3. There is a secret dungeon in the game, where you can increase your armor or defense.
4. If, perhaps, you finally beat the game without dying, the ending with Marin seems better than the one on the original.
5. There is a camera shop, which adds more of a challenge to get all the pictures.


First of all, you must have the running shoes (found in the 3rd castle). Next, go to the library and ram the back wall with your running shoes. Then, a book should fall down. It will say: "New world of color under the 5 gravestons. 3^ 4->, 5^, 2<-, 1v. Try with all your might. Opena new path! Whoever is worthy receives the power of color." Now, you can go and defeat the hidden castle, if you have the Gameboy Color. If you don't, then when you enter the castle two skeletons will be standing in your way, telling you that you can't go in.

Now, if you look at the map in the library (It's in the book that is just right of where you enter.) Move the cursor 7 right and 4 up. This is where you need to go to get into the hidden castle. Once there, you will notice that there two rows of tombs. The top has three and the bottom two. Now, push the bottom right one down, the bottom left one left, the top left one up, the top center one right, and the last one, the top right one up. Once you do it, in that EXACT order, it will open a stairway. Go down.


First of all, talk to the blue guy and tell him he is blue and tell the red guy he is red. YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS IN THE GAMEBOY COLOR. Otherwise, you will never be let in the dungeon.

Anyway, go up a room and you will fight three guys. They aren't too hard to kill once they pop up. Under one of the pots is some magic powder, which you will need fairly soon.

Next, go right one screen. There will be a somewhat difficult puzzle. All you really need to do is hit the top left one first, and then the bottom right. But, that's not all. Go down to the bottom wall and hit it until you find the spot to bomb. Blow it up and you will find a room full of ruppees.

After you have gotten the coins, go back up one and then go right. This room has colored blocks that soon come holes. It will go from blue to red to yellow. Once you step on a yellow, a hole will appear, so be careful. Kill the creature in the room and then go right once again.

In this room, you will see two enemies, one green and one red. Also there are two holes one green one red. Hit each creature, pick it up, and throw it into the corresponding color. Once you do this, you recieve the beak. (You can go back two rooms and see what the bird has to say, if you want.)

Now, go up two screens, left one, and then up (killing all the creatures along the way.) Now, you will encounter your first boss. Unfortunately, you can't just hit him with your sword to kill it. Sprinkle some magic powder on it and then hit it with your sword. Do this a couple times in a row and he'll eventually die. Then, take a left and press the top block left, the bottom block left, and the middle block up. Now, get the Nightmare key that is in the treasure box. Now, head back by going right, down, left, down, down, and down.

In this room kill the creatures, and hang a left. Kill all the enemies in this room and you will get a small key. Now, go up two screens.

Here's another boss. He is made of rock and you need to dodge the rocks and hit him with your sword a couple times. Now, go right.

In this room, pick up the top left pot and you'll see a button. Step on it. Now go up one screen and kill all the creatures, which gives you the map.

Now, go right and put all the creatures in the right colors as you did before. After doing so, you will get a small key. Go left, down, and then right.

In this room, it gets difficult. Each box represents one of the statues and the numbers inside it tell you what order to hit them. If they are blank, don't hit them at all.(The middle one has two numbers, because you have to hit it the first and last time.)

Now, go up (killing all the creatures) and right one. In this room, walk all the way down and hit the switch. Now walk on top of the elevated blocks and then go up a screen. Now, the final boss of this dungeon!

Now, to kill him you must hit him rapidly. He changes colors - blue to yellow to red. Keep hitting him and he'll change colors and soon die. But, you can't kill him until he is red. Now, go right one screen.

In this room, talk to the fairy and you will have the choice of the red, or offensive, tunic and the blue, or defensive, tunic. You can only take one, BUT you can switch at any time...just go back down through the castle. I hope you enjoyed the extra dungeon!


(Sailor Bacon http://members.xoom.com/SailorBacon, for I wouldn't have all these without your help.)

1. You get this at the camera shop.

2. After getting Marin, go to the cliff by Toronbo Shores and you'll get another picture.

3. While still having Marin, go jump down the well at Mabe Village, where you will get yet another picture.

4. Now take Marin by the Rooster Statue to get the last picture with Marin.

5. Look through the window to the right of the outside of Ulrira's house for another one.

6. Get this one by returning Bowwow and then standing right next to him.

7. Get this picture by stealing from the store.

8. After getting the magnifying glass, go to the fisherman underneath the bridge.

9. With the magnifying glass, go to the empty house in the Animal Village to get another picture.

10. Get a picture with you and Richard in front of his castle, but you can't lower the bridge to do so, or you won't get it.

11. Get this one by standing in front of the grave that you returned the ghost to.

12. Go one screen right of the Chicken house and walk to the middle of the bridge.

(these are the people that Sailor Bacon got some of his pictures from.)

Al - 11th picture

Eavenson - Alternate 1st picture

Geoff Taylor - 2nd, 4th, 5th picture

Harakiri02 - 7th picture

Tyler Castro - 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th picture