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The Trading Game begins with getting the Yoshi Doll in the Trendy Crane Game. The chart below pretty much says what you need to know.
Item: Must Give: Obtained From: Located At:
Yoshi Doll Rupees Trendy Man Trendy Game
Ribbon Yoshi Doll Quadruplet's Mom Quadruplet's House
Dog Food Ribbon Little Bowwow Bowwow's Doghouse
Bananas Dog Food Sale Sale's House O' Bananas
Stick Bananas Monkey Kanalet Castle Bridge
Honeycomb Stick Tarin Ukuku Prairie
Pineapple Honeycomb Chef Bear Animal Village
Hibiscus Pineapple Quadruplet's Dad Tal Tal Heights
Letter Hibiscus Miss Goat Animal Village
Broom Letter Mr. Write Mr. Write's House
Fish Hook Broom Grandma Ulrira Animal Village
Necklace Fish Hook Fisherman Under Bridge
Scale Necklace Mermaid Martha's Bay
Magnifying Glass Scale Mermaid Statue Mermaid Statue

Once you obtain the magnifying glass, go to Mabe Village's library to read "Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint Island." You will get one of the following paths to the Wind Fish:

Path 1 - Right, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Up.

Path 2 - Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up.

Path 3 - Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up.

Note: You can not read the book inside the Library until you acheive the magnifying glass. If you do try you will get a message saying the reading is too small.