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Zelda 2

This was one of my most adventurous games. I think this is one of my farthest traveling games. I went to four different areas, and each difficult. The hardest area of this game would definitely be trying to get to the last castle. The end guys were equally difficult and I was so glad when I had finished my quest.

Here's basically where the links take you. The storyline is where my uncle tells how I ended up in my second quest and what I had to do.

The Game Genie codes shows you all the codes for Zelda 2. Of course, I'm sure you knew that. The first map is a nice picture of the world, but doesn't tell you where any places are, really. The second map tells you where places are and how to get there, pretty much. This map isn't as nice the first map, graphics wise, but has much more detail. The Western Hyrule Map shows you where you start, and the upper area of the main island. The Eastern Hyrule shows the island between the main island and Maze island. This is where you meet up with the giant spider. The Death Mountain Map is where there are about 50 caves. It shows you which way to take and the surrounding area. The Maze Island map shows you Maze Island and the best route to take.

The walkthrough is very well said and it should be easy to understand. It tells you where to go in every castle, what guys you should defeat and when. It also tells a lot more stuff about Zelda 2. The screenshots show about 6 pictures of me during my adventure from various points in the game. Then, I have the enemies list. The first one, labeled "Enemies", has every enemy, except the bosses, also known as the statue guardians. To see them, just click on the link labeled "Enemies: Guardians". The items list shows each item and what they do, the spells and what they do, and how to get the down and upthrust.

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