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Items and Magic


The fairy will restore all life when you touch it.
Opens the locked doors inside the palaces.
Blue potion:
Restore your magic with one segment, or 16 magical points.
Red potion:
Restore all your magic.
Heart container:
Increases your life-meter with one segment or 16 life-points.
Magic container:
Increases your magic-meter with one segment or 16 magic-points.
Magical key:
Opens the doors in the palaces. Can be used over and over again.
One extra life.

Palace treasures

With the candle, you can see in the caves.
You can break the blocks in the palaces by swinging your sword.
With the raft you can cross the sea from the dock.
Use the boots to walk on the water.
Defeat the spider-monster and find Palace 6 with this flute.
With the cross, you can see invisible monsters.


Makes your shield stronger. Now you can protect yourself against fire and spells from magicians.
Shield: Reduces damage inflicted by the enemy by half. You become red when you use this magic. The first magic you will get. Look for it in the village Raru.
Jump: Use this magic to jump higher.
Life: Restores 3 segments of the life meter, or 48 life-points.
Fairy: Makes yourself turn into a fairy. With this magic you can fly. Always have the fairy ready when you are jumping over holes and gaps.
Fire: With this magic you can shoot fire from your sword. Some enemies can only be defeated with fire.
Spell: Turn some of the enemies to other weak enemies.
Thunder: Very powerful magic, Damage all enemies on the screen.

Downward and jump thrust

Learn from the knights in Mido and Darunia.
Where the knight lives in MidoJump down into the chimney. (Daruina)

Downward thrust: Jump and press down to attack.
Jump thrust: Jump and press up to attack. Very good against bees, birds, falling rocks etc.