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Zelda 2: Enemies: Statue Guardians


The Statue Guardians

Horsehead: Leader in palace 1. Attacks with a hammer.

Helmethead: A powerful knight, with sword and shield. When you cut off his head, the head will be flying around and shoot at you. He has three heads. Cut off his third head and he dies.

Ironknuckle: A blue Ironknuckle riding on a ghost-horse. Use downward thrust against the horse. After a few hits the horse will run away, and Ironknuckle will attack you walking.

Carock: Disappearing all the time and attacks with spells. The only way to kill Carock is to use the magic spell, Reflect. Sit down and reflect his spells.

Gooma: The most difficult enemy in the entire game. Use Shield and Jump. Jump over his attacks, run in and hit him.

Barba: A big dragon attacking by shooting fireballs. Use Shield and Jump. Jump over the fireballs and attack his head. The best way to eliminate him is to sit down and hit him when he is descending into the lava

Ganon: Your own shadow represents Ganon. Very easy to eliminate, almost a cheat. Place yourself at the left corner, sit down and attack constantly