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Zelda 3

I always disliked this mission. My uncle had died, and I was depressed. But that wasn't bad enough, I had to save the princess, AGAIN. I was having a bad day. But, after it was over, my uncle was alive and the princess was saved, yet again. Other than Zelda V: The Ocarina Of Time, this game had the best graphics resembling me. It was quite superb. It was a very difficult game, though. I want to thank all the fairies, because I couldn't have made it through it without their help.

Now to my links: The maps are ok, about the best anyone can do. It shows 6 different overviews, in both the Light and Dark world. I also have it seperated so you can just see the Light World maps, and then the Dark World Maps. Plus, the maps labeled "large light overview" and "large dark overview" are a giant map of each area, and they are a little more descriptive.

The items list tells you what each item is by pictures, and tells you how to get it. Also, An extremely well defined walkthrough. This walkthrough tells you everything you need to know on where to get an object to where you go next. There is a boss/screenshot link too. This shows all the end guys and link fighting them. Plus, it gives a description of how to kill the end guy.

The storyline is told by my uncle, and is very descriptive. There is also the "Heart Locations" page. This tells you where you can find just about EVERY piece of heart.

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Large Light Overview
Large Dark Overview
Light Worlds Maps
Dark World Maps
Game Genie Codes
Heart Locations