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Game Genie Codes

AE6E-DF2A infinite energy
AE6E-DF2A almost infinite energy
CB22-DD85 + 4D22-DDE5 hearts restore full energy
AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-OD9A infinite magic
AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-0D9A almost infinite magic
AE6A-DF2A all injuries fatal
AE67-0D30 infinite bombs
AEA8-D4FA walk through anything vertically
AEA8-D49A a step in any direction makes You jump
45B8-D49A no charge for dash
55B8-D49A no dash
AE67-DF2A some item sounds are repeated in spin slash and dash
256C-6D04 Your sword looks like a flower when you swing it, and Your hookshot looks like a ???
376C-AF04 glitches all game graphics
AEEC-A586 shops don't take Your money