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Game Genie Codes

WARNING!! Since I don't cheat in my games, I don't know if these will work or not, but I'm pretty sure they all will.

CodeWhat it does
XSKUILTAWear a purple ring
ESKUILTAWear a blue ring
OSKUILTAWear a red ring
AVVLAUSZDon't take damage from anything
YYKPOYZZCreate character with 8 heart containers
NYKPOYZXCreate character with 16 heart containers
SZVXASVKDon't lose rupees when buying (still need to have enough to buy item)
SZVXASVK + AEVEVALGAll items are free (don't need any rupees to buy stuff)
SZNZVOVKInfinite bombs