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Zelda 1

Welcome! The Adventures Of Link, my first quest, was quite a challenge for me. I met many new characters and had to get a lot of money to be able to get pass this game. There was plenty of secret doors and hideouts for me. I must have found about 10 hearts hidden behind rocks and stuff like that. If you want to find some of these spots, my advice is that you bomb, bomb, bomb! There are lots and lots of hidden areas and I think you will be plenty satisfied when you find a few. A couple of hearts can go a long way. This was probably my easiest, but certainly not easy, quests.

On this page, I have 4 overview maps. The first three are w/ the first mission, and the 4th map is from the 2nd mission. The first one has great graphics and you can see each screen, I like this one a lot. My next map is each room as a box. Not as well defined, but shows each room distinctly so you won't have trouble trying to find where you were. The third map has a defined map, with some game genie codes and items. This map is the one I like the most. The 4th map shows the whole second mission on a map, so you can find where each labirynth/castle is.

Also, I have added pictures of each castle/level for zelda 1. Now you can see exactly where to go in each level to get to the end. It tells you what you will find in each castle, and where to go. I think you will really like these.

I also have the storyline for this adventure. It tells you how it became an adventure, and just basically a short story. It is told by my uncle. But there's more, I have an ITEMS list and it shows all the items and what they are for, and I have an enemies page showing all the enemies and a little description of the enemy and how to kill it.