The overworld

Tektike: Jumping spiders, there are red and blue ones. Blue tektikes often have rupies.

Octoroc: An octopus, shooting rocks at you. The blue ones are twice as strong as the red ones. Probably the first enemy you will meet.

Leever: Living in the ground. When you approach they will come up and attack you. The blue ones are stronger than the red ones, but the red ones always come up near you.

Peahat: A "flower-ghost", can only be eliminated when they are standing still (sleeping). If you use the recorder they will all fall asleep.

Molblin: Big goblins who live in the forest. They throw spears at you. The blue ones are stronger than the red ones.

Armos: Living statues, if you touch the statue, it will attack you. Some Armos are very fast and hard to beat.

Ghini: Ghosts living in the graveyard. There are two types of Ghini. One who are there from start, and one who will appear when you touch a gravestone. You canīt beat the second type, you must eliminate the first type, and then all Ghinis dies.

Lynel: Dogs who live in Death Mountain. They shoot swords at you. The blue ones are the strongest enemy in Hyrule overworld. You must have the magical shield to stop the sword attacks.

Zola: Half-fish, half-woman, who lives in the water. She shoots fireballs at you, that canīt be stopped with your little shield.

Rock: Indestructible rocks falling from Death Mountain.

The Dungeons

Zol: Big jelly-like monsters. Split into two Gels when you attack them, unless you are using the White sword or a stronger weapon.

Gel: The smaller variant of Zol, very easy to eliminate.

Rope: A snake, attacking you with high speed.

Vire:Demons who jump around. When you attack them they will split into two Keese.

Keese: A bat flying around. Very weak, can be eliminated with the bomerang.

Stalfos: Living skeletons using swords to attack you.

Wall Master: A big hand living in the walls. If it catches you, it will take you back to the entrance of the labyrinth.

Goriya: Demons who are using boomerangs. The blue ones are stonger than the red ones.

Wizzrobe: Wizards, master of movement. The blue ones are flying around and casting spells. The red ones first appear then they casting spells and finally they disappear. The blue ones are stronger. Wizzrobes are one of the most difficult enemies in the game.

Blue_Darknut Red_Darknut
Darknut: Powerful knights armed with sword and shield. You canīt attack them in the front. The blue ones are one of the strongest enemy in the dungeons.

Pols voice: A jumping ghost with big ears. Very hard to beat unless you are using the bow. You only need one arrow to eliminate them.

Lanmola: A big and fast centipede. The blue ones are very fast.

Like Like: A big tube formed monster. If Like Like catches you, it will eat up your magical shield.

Gibdo: Slow but very powerful mummies.

Moldorm: Big worms, when you attack, it will become smaller.

Bubble: Big electric bubbles. When it catches you, you wonīt be able to use your sword for a while.

Patra: You must kill all red Patras before you can kill the blue ones. The red ones are fast but weak. The blue ones are very simple, they are very slow and weak.

Traps: When you approach the traps, they will attack by moving toward you with high speed.

Stone Statues: They shoot fireballs at you. The statues canīt be eliminated.

The Dungeon-Masters

Aquamentus: A unicorn shooting fireballs. Use bombs to eliminate them, or the magical sword.

Dodongo: A giant rhinoceros, slow but powerful. Can only be eliminated with bombs. There is two ways to eliminate them. First you can lay the bomb just in front of Dodongo and let him eat the bomb, that method requires two bombs. The other way is more difficult, lay the bomb a little bit away from him, make sure dodongo is in the smoke when the bomb explodes. Now he becomes paralyzed and you can eliminate him with the sword. You will always get new bombs from Dodongo when using this method.

Manhandla: A big meat-eating flower, with four hands. Shooting fireballs against you. If you cut off one hand, it will move faster. The best way to kill Manhandla is to use bombs. Try to lay the bomb in the center of Manhandla

Gleeok: A dragon with 2-4 heads. When you cut off one head, the head will attack Link.

Digdogger: A big sea urchin. If you use the recorder Digdogger splits up and becomes smaller and faster. When Digdogger is small use the sword or bombs* to kill it. *(use bombs when they are grouped).

Gohma: A big crab with a hard shell that protects Gohma againts all attacks. The only way to kill Gohma is to shoot arrows into Gohmas eye. It requires one arrow for the brown Gohma and three arrows for the blue Gohma. Gohmas are shooting fireballs against you while trying to defeat it(the magical shield doesnīt protect you from them).



Ganon, the evil prince who has kidnapped Zelda. Invisible he attacks Links with fireballs. You must have silver arrows to eliminate Ganon. First, you must hit him four times with the magical sword, just walk around in the room and use the sword. When Ganon becomes brown it is time to use the bow, shoot one silver arrow at him and Ganon is no more (at least to the next game).