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This page is all about the people you meet in Zelda 64. Some are friends (Including my nephew Link) while others are foe, but what ever they are there is a picture of them here. So check it out.

Young Link

Link the main character, as a child he will be smaller, and weaker. This is shown by his weapons; he uses a dagger, a sling shot, and a stick, all of which are weak. The exact way he becomes adult Link is still unclear, but involves the finding and use of the Ocarinia of time

Adult Link

Adult Link is the main character of the game. He is stronger then young Link, and uses weapons like swords, bow & arrows, and hammers. It seems that this is the Link from the SNES and Game Boy Zelda's since Z64 takes place before them.


Gannondorf Dragmire, notorious thief who plagues Link and his ancestors. He becomes Gannon, a demon like being with a pig face, and a quest for the Triforce of Hyrule. He is usually the mastermind behind all of Link's plights.

Princess Zelda

The Princess of Hyrule, she and her ancestors have been captured or put to sleep by Gannon many times. She is saved by Link and in turn gives him the whearabouts of the Triforce. She is telepathic, and can communicate with people of the same blood.


Link's fairy helper. She changes color based on the situation that Link faces. She does not stay with Link for the entire quest, but is instrumental in helping him.


This is Link's main mode of transportation. Hyrule is so large that it takes a full day to cross by foot, but not by a horse. This horse can run, but it depletes its carrot meter, and it can jump over some fences.

Deku Tree

A large Tree that tells Link of Gannondorf causing the problems in Hyrule, Link must also go into the tree to save it from the monsters in there.