Zelda 1: Items
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HeartIncreases life points with each one
Container heartIncreases total life points with one
FairyIncreases life points with three
ClockMakes all enemies freeze
RupyOne rupy (money)
5 rupiesFive rupies
Red potionRestore all life-points, can be used twice
Blue PotionRestore all life-points
LetterGive the letter to the old woman so you can buy potions
FoodUsed as bait for the enemies
SwordThe first weapon you will get, not so strong
White swordStronger than the first sword, located above the waterfall
Magial swordThe strongest weapon in the game
Magical shieldCan reflect Wizzrobes spells and Zolas fireballs
Wooden boomerangDefeats weaker enemies, and stops other stronger enemies. Can also be used to collect items
Magical boomerangFlies further then the wooden boomerang
BombA very strong weapon, can also be used to blow up walls and find caves
BowWith the bow you can shoot arrows (hmm)
Wooden arrowFor each arrow you shoot, you lose one rupy
Silver arrowStronger than the wooden arrow, and the only weapon you can kill Ganon with
Blue candleUse it to see in dark rooms, and find secrets in trees. Works only one time/screen
Red candleCan be used several times on one screen
Blue Ringctus the damage inflicted by the enemy by half
Red RingReduces enemy damage by one quarter
Power braceletAble to move away giant rocks
RecorderWhen you are playing the recorder, a tornado takes you away to other places.
RaftYou can float across seas and lakes when he launches this from a dock
StepladderWith this you can cross small rivers or holes
Magical rodThe rod Wizzrobe uses. A very good weapon and itīs free to use (unless the bow)
Book of magicWith the book you can shot fire with the magical rod
KeyOpen locked doors in the dungeons
Magical keyCan be used over and over again
MapA map over the dungeon layout
CompassShows were the hidden Triforce fragment is
TriforceFind all eight fragments before you enter Level 9