A Battle Between Girls

"How can you be fit for him? You're a Zora!"

Zelda exclaimed.

"Well, at least if it wasn't for me, he would have never gotten the saphire!"

replied Ruto.

"Hylians and Zoras don't mix up, and you know it!"

cried Zelda.

"Of course we do, I would be crazy to marry him if we didn't."

said Ruto, not noticing Saria entering the room.

"Just what are you two arguing about, anyways?"

asked Saria.

"We're discussing about who would be better fit for Link! But she can't deny it's impossible for her!"

accused Zelda.

"People! We don't need to argue about such a thing! Link will decide who it will be in time!"

replied Saria.

"In fact, I already know who it is!"

"Who is it?"

asked Ruto, excitedly.

"You're looking at her!"

said Saria, grinning.

"We are? Wait a minute... hey! You're just as bad as Ruto! How can you, anyways? You're a Kokiri!"

replied Zelda, realizing who she was talking about.

"Well, at least there's more similarity between us than Ruto here! Besides, I know he already liked me at the begining!"

said Saria, triumphaly.

"Not as much similarity as me!"

replied Zelda.

"Except the fact that you're a princess, and he's ordinary."

said Ruto.

"So are you!"

cried Zelda.

"But my father let's me! And besides, we're engaged!"

replied Ruto.


said Zelda, running out of ideas, when Malon entered the room.

"Guess what? Link is coming to visit!"

Cried Malon.

"Man! I need to put on some make-up!"

cried Ruto.

"I'm gonna wear my best dress!"

replied Malon.

"I'll use my new perfume!"

said Saria.

"I'l put on my new fancy jewlery!"

cried Zelda

"Look, here he comes!"

cried Ruto, realizing that he was only a few feet away.

"Hi girls, what's up-"

started Link, but before he could finish, they were all on top of him.

"Who cares about marrying him now? We'll discuss that in seven years! let's just enjoy him now!"

yelled Ruto, not making things any better.

"Girls- need- air-"

said Link, choking.

"Oh, no! Come on, get off, he's choking!"

said Saria, but too late, Link wasn't breathing.

"No! Link! Wake up!"

cried Ruto.

"He's not breathing!"

said Malon.

"Somebody do CPR! Who'll do it?"

asked Zelda.

"I've been waiting for this moment! I'll do it!"

said Ruto, excitedly.

"No way! All you'll do is stay there for half an hour and choke him even more"

replied Zelda.

"I've wanted to do this since the dawn of time, but I don't think I'm ready,"

said Malon.

"Then I guess it'll be... No! I don't think I'm prepared either!"

cried Zelda, and then everyone looked at Saria.

"Why me? you all had the chance to!"

asked Saria.

"Do you want to save him? Then do it! None of us are prepared, except Ruto, of course!"

said Zelda, looking at Ruto.

"I guess I have no choice..."

said Saria, gathering courage to do what she never expected to do.

"Here it goes!"

Said Saria, closing her eyes and started doing mouth-to-mouth breathing, which disgusted the other girls.

"I should've volunteered..."

said Malon under her breath.

"I had my chance! I wasted it!"

cried Zelda.

"I wanted to be the first one, but no, you had to stop me!"

yelled Ruto, angrily.

"Uh... what? What's going on? Aaaaah!"

screamed Link, horrified, when he discovered who had just saved his life, but did the unexpected.

"Oh, you're all right! I'm glad you woke up!"

said Saria.

"Why were you... you know..."

asked Link, still shocked from what had happened.

"Well, you started choking and Zelda came up with CPR, but nobody wanted to do it, so I had no choice, but everything's all right now,"

answered Saria.

"Oh well. You know, that felt kind of good, let's do it again!"

said Link.


replied Saria, and then started all over again, and this time, the others didn't like it.

"No! Not again!"

cried Zelda.

"It's too much for me!"

cried Malon.

"I thought it was only CPR! They can't do that again!"

cried Ruto, this time more angrily, but Link and Saria weren't paying attention, they were too caught up on kissing.

"Guess she was right,"

said Malon, softly.

"I should have known, he never wanted me,"

said Ruto, even more softly.

"Hey, who needs him? there's a whole bunch of other guys in Hyrule and other kingdoms, and I bet they'll want us!"

replied Zelda.

"Oh, yeah! and I bet they'll be even more handsome!"

said Ruto.

"So much, I can't even imagine them!"

replied Malon.

"All right! I'll ask my daddy if we can go to many places and look for them!"

said Zelda, excitedly.

"Let's go now!"

replied Ruto, and the three of them went away, leaving Link and Saria alone.

"You know, I feel like going to Lake Hylia for a swim, wanna come?"

asked Link.

"Ok, let's just hope it's safe,"

answered Saria.

"All right, let's go then!"

said Link, smiling.

They walked off together, holding hands....

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