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Observe: I donīt know the name on some enemies. They are marked with *.

Bit and Bot: Small jelly monsters. Bot can jump.

Ache: Bats, hangs upside down in caves and will attack Link when he approach

Geldarm: Lives in the desert. You can only eliminate it by inflict damage to itīs head.

Goriya: A devil attacking Link by throwing boomerangs. Use the shield for protection. You can find Goriya almost everywhere in Hyrule.

Lowder: Lives in caves and in desert. Moves slowly on the floor, but when it detects Link he attack with high speed.

Molblin: A devil attacking Link by throwing spears. Lives mostly in the forest but can be find on other places to. The blue ones are the strongest.

Deeler: Spider who lives in the trees. The blue Deelers drop down to the ground to attack Link.

Moby: Dives from the sky to attack Link, very fast but not so strong.

Octoroc: Big octocpus who spitting stones, use the shield for defence. Moving around and jumps. Lives in caves, swamp and in the desert, but can be find on other places too.

Daira: An crocodile who attacking Link with an axe. The red ones are throwing the axe and very hard to beat. Lives mostly in Death mountain and on the graveyard.

Moa: Ghosts flying over the graveyard. In eastern Hyrule they are invisible unless you have the cross. The orange ones lives in the palaces and attacking Link with fire.

Ironknuckle: Knights who are guarding the palaces. Armed with sword and shield. The orange ones are not so good with his weapons, but the red ones are very good with his sword and shield and very hard to beat. The blue ones are shooting beams from his sword and attacks very fast, but not so good with his shield.

Myu: Very small creatures with thorns. Use the downward thrust to eliminate them. Lives in caves and in the palaces.

Stalfos: Skeleton warriors armed with sword and shield. Not so good with the shield. Some of them can jump and attack Link with downward thrust.

Red monster*: A big red jumping monster. Throwing chain-hammers. When he jumps, walk quickly in beside him, and attack.

Bubble: Big bubbles coming up from the water. Watch out for them when you are jumping over the gaps.

Skaven knight* Running skaven warriors. Stealing experience points when they attacks you. Very easy to eliminate.

Flying skull*: Very strong skulls who are bouncing around. Stealing magic points from you. The best way to eliminate them is to use downward thrust. Some of them are very fast.

Devil*: First he looks like an Ache, but when he lands, he become a big devil who are shooting fireballs.

Jumping creature*: I have no idea what kind of monster this is. Looks like a cat to me. Jumping around.

Dead fish*: A flying skeleton fish. Attacking Link by shooting rocks. Can be find on several places, in caves, on bridges, in some palaces. Are shooting fire in the last palace.

Rope: Snakes. Shooting rocks.

Unicorn: Flying Unicorn heads. Stealing EP. There is also Unicorn statues in the palaces who are shooting at you.

Wolfhead*: Flying wolf-heads. Easy to eliminate but extremly annoying.

Stone warrior*: Big stone warriors. Attacking Links by throwing hammers. Very strong. Try to jump over the hammer and attack him by using downward thrust.

Spider*: Big jumping spiders. Use the fire magic to eliminate them.

Eye*: Big flying eyes. You can only eliminate them when they have their eyes open. Slow but strong.

Bee*: Big bees, attacking by droping stones. Weak but annoying. Use jump thrust to eliminate them.

Leever: Living in the deserts in eastern Hyrule. They live in the ground. When Link approach they will come up and attack him.

Stone lizard*: Can only be eliminated with the fire spell.

Scorpion*: Scorpion with hard skin. Attacking by shooting fireballs. Can only be eliminated when his eyes are open.

Lizard*: Lives in eastern Hyrule. Attacking with spears, clubs or by throwing rocks. Have also a shield. Lives almost everywhere in eastern Hyrule.

Magician: Attacking Link with spells. Use the reflect spell to bounce back their spells. This is the only way to eliminate them.

Wizard*: Attacking Link with fire spells. Like the magicians they will disappear and appear all the time.

Bird knights* Living in the last palace. Jumping around and attacking by shooting beams from his sword. Use jump thrust when they are jumping over you.

When you are coming to this place, use this method to eliminate the blue bird.

Soprano*: Attacking Link with fireballs.

Big skull: A very big flying skull. Lives only in the last palace. Splits into two skulls when it is attacked.

Big Bot: Splits into many Bots when it is attacked. Lives only in the last palace

Thunder Bird The last enemy before Ganon. You canīt hurt him while he is red, you must use thunder magic, this will make him blue. Now attack his head. Use jump and shield.

The statue guardians

Horsehead: Leader in palace 1. Attacking Link with an hammer.

Helmethead: A powerful knight, with sword and shield. When you cut of his head, the head will be flying around and shoot at you. He has three heads. Cut of his third head and he dies.

Ironknuckle: A blue Ironknuckle riding on a ghost-horse. Use downward thrust against the horse. After a few hits the horse will run away, and Ironknuckle will attack you walking.

Carock: Disappearing all the time and attacking with spells. The only way to kill Carock is to use the magic Reflect. Sit down and reflect his spells.

Gooma: The most difficult enemy in the entire game. Use Shield and Jump. Jump over his attacks, run in and hit him.

Barba: A big dragon attacking by shooting fireballs. Use Shield and Jump. Jump over the fireballs and attack his head. The best way to eliminate him is to sit down and hit him when he is descending into the lava

Ganon: Links own shadow represents Ganon. Very easy to eliminate, almost a cheat. Place yourself at the left corner, sit down and attack constantly